Great collaborative paper with Srivastava and Pollard labs on NOTCH1 haploinsufficiency out now!

Published in Cell last week (, our paper on the transcriptional and epigenomic networks disrtupted in iPS cell models of NOTCH1 haploinsufficiency. This paper explores disease modeling and gene regualtion in endothelial cells derived from human iPS cells, and uncovers new networks regulated by NOTCH1 dosage. This was led by Christina Theodoris, student in the Srivastava lab, in a tight collaboration between Deepak's lab, Katie Pollard's, and our lab.

Theodoris C.V., Li M., White M.P., Liu L., He D., Pollard K.S.(1), Bruneau B.G.(1), Srivastava D (1). (2015) Human disease modeling reveals integrated transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms of NOTCH1 haploinsufficiency. Cell 160:1072-1086 (1. co-senior authors)